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<a href="" class="display-category">Plushbeans</a>


Plushbeans are, like the name implies, small plush creatures filled with a mixture of stuffing and small objects. Like Plushpets, they can look like any number of things! No matter their form, they always retain their characteristic small and rotund shape. Perfect for holding in your hand!


<a href="" class="display-category">Bitpets</a>


An invention of the digital era, Bitpets are digitalized, pocket sized buddies! Though they all share the same basic programming, their personlities are a product of their care and different experiences. Bitpets have attracted a very large collector community thanks to their unique shells and charms!


<a href="" class="display-category">Niknaks</a>


Niknaks are....strange, to say the least. They start out as a blank wooden figure that is lovingly (and often messily) given new life by their creators and some tubes of paint! These mischievious little guys are infamous for getting into trouble when their owners aren't looking, which has led to many regarding them with uneasiness and caution.


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