Welcome to the activity hub!

Here you can find different kinds of activities to complete for rewards. Read below for details about each category, or choose one on the side to be taken to the currently available prompts!

Main prompts

Starter Prompts are prompts aimed at fleshing out your character's personality and story.
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Requests are rotating prompts where players can help citizens across the Three Realms.
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Bounties are prompts where players can battle strange and powerful creatures!
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other activities

Discovery Prompts are a monthly collaborative worldbuilding contest.
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Misc Prompts are prompts that don't follow and specific theme and cover all aspects of daily life!
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Fishing is a once a day activity players can do to get some aquatic treats!
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special prompts

Utility Prompts are used to carry out various site functions.
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Event Prompts are themed after special group happenings! Current Event: Fool's Festival None
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