Familiar Realm

The realm most like our own world, the Familiar Realm is a vast wilderness dotted with bustling cities and sleepy villages. The people here live simple and honest lives alongside (and sometimes despite) the untamable nature that surrounds them.

Major Areas:

Riverside VillageSunbeam City

Strange Realm

The Strange Realm takes the form of a massive, sprawling metropolis. Unexpected surprises lie hidden in every dark alley and around every neon-lit corner. The residents of this realm take countless forms, but most often resemble monsters and other creepy creatures.

Major Areas:

Radio Tower BlockManic Market

Divine Realm

Named for its resemblance to many's idea of "heaven", this realm is home to breathtaking and beautiful scenery. The centerpiece of the realm is a massive golden city, Perihelion, which holds most of the realm's population within its towering structure.

major Areas:

Sky BasinPerihelion City