Trait Categories

<a href="" class="display-category">Material</a>


Material is the physical makeup of the character's body. Plushpets can be made from all kinds of fabrics and materials, though some are more rare than others.

Body Type

Body types dictate what the Plushpet's, well, body looks like! Characters can be of any shape or size, but they must all fall into one of these categories.

<a href=" Mark Type" class="display-category">Soul Mark Type</a>

Soul Mark Type

The Soul Mark Type decides what the Plushpet's soul mark looks like. Soul marks can be any shape and color, as long as they are recognizable as one of the listed types.

<a href=" Mark Location" class="display-category">Soul Mark Location</a>

Soul Mark Location

Soul Mark Locations are the area(s) of the body where the Plushpet's soul mark emits from. 

<a href="" class="display-category">Mutations</a>


Mutations are special traits that naturally occur sometimes in Plushpets. 

<a href="" class="display-category">Talent</a>


Talents are magic abilities obtained through observing the world around you. Each plushpet can have a maximum of one talent at any given time, but they can be learned and unlearned as desired!

To have your character learn a talent, complete the Talent Show prompt in the starting prompts category.

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