Terms of Service

[effective 5/31/19, last updated 6/16/22]

This Terms of Service applies to anywhere the Plushpet Plaza group is present, not limited to: this website, the Deviantart group, the forums, and the Discord server. By participating in the Plushpet Plaza ARPG, you agree to these terms. These terms may be updated at any time.


- Be respectful to fellow members.
- Plushpet Plaza is a 16+ site. It is not intended for anyone below the age of 16, and anyone found interacting with the site while breaking this rule will be banned.
- Aboslutely no bigotry is allowed. This group is meant to be a safe and welcoming place for all of its members.

Payment and Processing

- All adopt sellers reserve the right to deny a sale to anyone at their own discretion. 
- Payment is required within 48 hours of a sale being made, unless otherwise agreed upon.


- Group members cannot use their characters for commercial purposes.
- Current ownership information is found at the site's masterlist. When selling your character to another DA or Site user, please transfer them accordingly. If the buyer is off-site, please message the Group or one of the mods.
- Co-owning is not allowed.
- Characters cannot be sold for more than they were bought for, unless they have had new art made for them after the purchase. 
- Characters made from MYO Slots can be freely traded and gifted. 
- Characters made from MYO slots are set to unsellable by default with values of $0, but this can be updated by submitting proof of additional artwork.
- MYO slots themselves can be traded, but not sold. Free MYO slots (such as those received through an event or raffle) cannot be traded or sold.
- At the end of the day we cannot realistically control where users sell their characters and for what, but those advertising on official Plushpet Plaza platforms (ie. the site, deviantart group, or discord server) must comply by our terms of service.

Design changes

- Minor design edits are allowed, as long as the character is still recognizable as its species.
- Major design edits require the use of items purchased using in-group currency at the Ticket Booth.
- All major design edits must first be approved, and cannot be freely undone once confirmed.


- Please do not base your character(s) around existing copyrighted characters!
- Characters may, at any time, be rejected or retroactively removed and refunded if they are found to break site rules. 
- Guest-designers keep all profits generated from the sale of  adopts.
- All MYO designs must be approved by submitting them through the approval queue before they are considered official. 
- All adoptable designs should be sent to the #sewing-room channel in the Discord for approval before sale.


- Plushpet Plaza reserves all right to blacklist or ban members from further participation in the group/species.