Character Categories

Official (O)

Plushpets created by the group's owner(s) or guest artists.


Plushpets created using MYO tickets or slots.


NPC Characters within the plushpet word. Can be used by players without plushpets of their own to participate in certain prompts and events.

Poppets (POP)

Poppets are small plush dolls without a soul. Basically, an empty canvas waiting to be turned into a full-fledged Plushpet! 


Poppets can be obtained for free from adopt batches by first time owners (FTO's) to customize into their very first plushpet! When you recieve a poppet, you also receive a number of Tokens to spend at the Prize Booth for purchasing modifications to make your new friend something special. Essentially, poppets are a simpler version of MYO's meant specifically for those without their own characters! 

Poppet Design Rules:
  • The finished design must only use colors found on the original poppet. Not all the colors have to be used, but no outside colors can be present!*
    • Gradients made using the original poppet's colors are encouraged, especially for soul marks.
    • *If one or more Extra Fabric is included with the design submission, this can be bypassed.
  • Only common traits can be used in the finished design, unless Uncommon Fabric is used.
  • Any kind of neck accessory and tag can be present on the finished design, regardless of what the poppet looks like!

Once you've come up with your new plushpet design, check out the submitting guide to make it official!


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