<a href=" Bitpet" class="display-item">Angel Bitpet</a>

Angel Bitpet

For some reason, these models are prone to running out of battery faster than others.


Angel Bitpet With A Shotgun

<a href=" Bitpet" class="display-item">Archangel Bitpet</a>

Archangel Bitpet

These models are extremely rare! Carrying one around is said to ward off bad luck.

<a href=" Bitpet" class="display-item">Blue Bitpet</a>

Blue Bitpet

A standard edition Bitpet, but it's blue.

<a href=" Bitpet" class="display-item">Purple Bitpet</a>

Purple Bitpet

A standard edition Bitpet, but it's purple.

<a href=" Bitpet" class="display-item">Red Bitpet</a>

Red Bitpet

A standard edition Bitpet, but it's red.

<a href=" Bitpet" class="display-item">Yellow Bitpet</a>

Yellow Bitpet

A standard edition Bitpet, but it's yellow.

<a href=" Bitpet" class="display-item">Froggy Bitpet</a>

Froggy Bitpet

The speakers make wretched croaking sounds, but it's so cute!

<a href=" Bitpet" class="display-item">Toad Bitpet</a>

Toad Bitpet

Unpopular with children for fear of getting warts.

<a href=" Bitpet" class="display-item">Strange Bitpet</a>

Strange Bitpet

Oh dear, this one appears to be malfunctioning.

<a href=" Bitpet" class="display-item">Yolk Bitpet</a>

Yolk Bitpet

Most virtual pets hatch from some kind of egg, but this one is happy to stay as one.

<a href=" Bitpet" class="display-item">Harlequin Bitpet</a>

Harlequin Bitpet

A vintage model that doesn't make any sound.

<a href=" Bitpet" class="display-item">Musical Bitpet</a>

Musical Bitpet

Instead of a face, the screen shows a colorful equalizer.

<a href=" Bitpet" class="display-item">Tuneful Bitpet</a>

Tuneful Bitpet

A refined bitpet for the discerning music enjoyer.

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