<a href=" Fox" class="display-item">Red Fox</a>

Red Fox

A cute little fox! What schemes is it coming up with?

<a href=" Fox" class="display-item">Arctic Fox</a>

Arctic Fox

A pretty cool dude.

<a href=" Kitten" class="display-item">Blue Kitten</a>

Blue Kitten

A blue-flavored adorable little kitty.

<a href=" Puppy" class="display-item">Blue Puppy</a>

Blue Puppy

A blue-flavored adorable little puppy.

<a href=" Kitten" class="display-item">Pink Kitten</a>

Pink Kitten

A pink-flavored adorable little kitty.

<a href=" Puppy" class="display-item">Pink Puppy</a>

Pink Puppy

A pink-flavored adorable little puppy.

<a href=" Goat" class="display-item">Little Goat</a>

Little Goat

Fluffy and prone to fainting!

<a href=" Lamb" class="display-item">Little Lamb</a>

Little Lamb

This lamb has a luxurious black coat.

<a href=" Imp" class="display-item">Red Imp</a>

Red Imp

This devious little scamp will never leave your side!

<a href=" Bunny" class="display-item">Bastard Bunny</a>

Bastard Bunny

The beast is demonic in nature.

<a href=" Chick" class="display-item">Bountiful Chick</a>

Bountiful Chick

This cute little replica makes a loud squeek when you squeeze it! 

<a href=" Rabbit" class="display-item">Festival Rabbit</a>

Festival Rabbit

These soft lop-eared rabbits are popular mascots for the spring season.

<a href=" Chick" class="display-item">Newborn Chick</a>

Newborn Chick

Born yesterday? Why yes, I was. 

<a href=" Tyke" class="display-item">T-Rex Tyke</a>

T-Rex Tyke

Though they are still small,  the amount of damage they can cause is tremendous!

<a href=" Lamb" class="display-item">Littler Lamb</a>

Littler Lamb

Its love for you is as big as its forehead.

<a href=" Feline" class="display-item">Funny Feline</a>

Funny Feline

Its favorite tricks are "bite" "maim" and "kill"!

<a href=" Salmon" class="display-item">Stuffed Salmon</a>

Stuffed Salmon

This little cutie is the perfect size to carry around in your bag!

<a href=" Salmon" class="display-item">Summer Salmon</a>

Summer Salmon

What if a salmon was fucked up and evil?

<a href=" Chicken" class="display-item">Polish Chicken</a>

Polish Chicken

A clueless king, unfit to rule much. But he sure is stylish!

(Custom item designed by funfetti)

<a href="" class="display-item">Sparklepup</a>


Whoever made this plushbean put an absurd amount of detail into it!

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