Plushpet Lore

What's a plushpet?

Put simply, Plushpets, or Plush Poppets, are departed souls given new cloth bodies.
While every plushpet has their deeply personal own reason for being,  most just wanted a second chance at life!

While anyone can make a plushpet, 
it requires an tremendous amount of care and skill. 
Not to mention the specialized materials necessary; just any old thread and cloth won't do!

Plushpet defining traits

Apart from being made of fabric, plushpets have a couple of additional features that help to identify them:
⭐ Soul Marks - The glowing manisfestation of the host's soul.
Soul marks can take on an incredible variety of shapes, colors, and textures.
⭐Tag - A tag of any sort somewhere on the body! Usually has symbols or pictures significant to the Plushpet.
⭐ Neck Accessory -
All plushpets possess what is known as a core stitch in their neck seams.
This thread is what binds the soul to the fabric, and must be covered and protected from harm at all costs!