Plushpet Lore


An unfortunate but inevitable part of any creature's life. When something in the Three Realms dies, its spirit is transported to a limbo-like place called The Medium. The Medium serves as a final resting place for all spirits, as well as an intermediate zone between the Realms.

Appearance wise, it is an endless dimension full of rolling hills and coniferous forests. It is always twilight here, but whether or not the sun is rising or setting is unknown.


The only known resident of the Medium apart from spirits, The Godling is a young demigod from the Divine Realm that has settled down in this lonely pocket of space. Much of their history is unknown, but they have a kind heart and have always been willing to help others in need. 

A recent example of this kindess is a group of beings called Plush Poppets, or plushpets. These funny little dudes are spirits from the Medium that have been given a physical body thanks to the Godling and their love of sewing. 


With a brand new body and a caring guardian, most plushpets use their second chance at life to embark on adventures around the Three Realms. As creatures of the Medium, plushpets have the ability to freely travel between the realms through liminal spaces where reality wears thin. 

What a plushpet does with their new life varies wildly between individuals. While some attempt to resume their previous life like normal, many develop identities separate from their past selves. 

Plushpets are a relatively new phenomenon in the realms, but not one people tend to bat an eye at anymore; in fact, many welcome these small and strange plush friends that seemingly appeared out of nowhere.