Divine Subareas

Sky basin

The great basin that holds all of the Divine Realm. Although it appears to be a vast ocean, its surface is actually solid. Stars and constellations of the lower realms are strewn about as glittering waypoints for travelers.

The sun and moon sit on opposite ends of the basin, always orbiting in tandem with each other. Towering clouds drift across the endless sky, but it never rains here.

unique Area drops:


perihelion city

Home to the majority of the Divine Realm's population, the location of this towering city is only known to those with a pure heart. Perihelion is so near to the realm's sun that the moon isn't visible here.

The innermost part of the structure, the deepest part of the city, is built like an ancient arena. The area is open to the sky and is where the most extravagant events of the realm are held.

unique Area drops: