Familiar Subareas

Sunbeam city

A massive, shining city spread over the vast plain of the Familiar Realm. The buildings here are all made of the same curious material that reflects the color of the sky. 
Sunbeam City is the most populous settlement in the realm, and houses the radio broadcast tower used to communicate with the other realms.

Residents enjoy the most cutting-edge technology and freshest fashions; there's a flourishing culture to be explored in Sunbeam!

Riverside Village

Lying downstream from Sunbeam, Riverside is a quaint getaway from the big city bustle. Children are often seen collecting the trinkets that wash up on the river's banks. The residents of Riverside prefer a simpler lifestyle than most, and everyone here looks after each other.

It's hard to distinguish the edge of the village from the surrounding rolling pastures; new houses and homes are always cropping up and expanding Riverside's population.