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Discovery: Plant Gathering

Discovery: Plant Gathering

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Design an interesting new plant to grow in the Realms!


"Hello there, traveller! Thank you for responding to our call for adventurers.
Our head researcher is currently out, so I will be taking its place for the time being.
You see, we're doing our yearly survey on the Plantlife of the realms. Have you seen a notable specimen recently? Please, provide us with any pictures and descriptions you can. Science is on the line!"
Discovery prompts are group-wide contest that allow players to flesh out aspects of the Three Realms! After the prompt end date, entrants are collected and voted on in the official Discord, with the winning entry(s) becoming immortalized in the world encyclopedia!

Art Minimum Requirements

  • Full Body
  • Flat Colors¬†
  • Any/No Shading
  • Any background
  • Any line quality

Prompt Requirements

  • Must be identifiable as a kind of plant or plant-creature, either mobile or sessile.
  • Only submit one species/type of plant!
  • Please include a short text description of your new organism! This can go in the comments field.
  • Must not be identical to an existing real world plant (though variations are welcome)
  • Can be as simple or complex as you wish
  • Please don't use existing characters or OCs, as winners will become canon to the Three Realms lore!


Reward Amount
Eternity Seeds 15


No skill increase.

Stat & Level Rewards

No user rewards.
No character rewards.
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