June 2022 Newsletter

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june 2022 Newsletter

The monthly questboard prompts have been rotated! Check out the neat guys you can fight (pictured above) for some even neater rewards! (shown below)

 The following custom items have been added to the game thanks to funfetti and idolish7!


The winners of last months Discovery Prompt, Plant Gathering, have been announced! Congratulations to Quail (community choice) and idolish7 (mod choice)! Their winning entries have been added to the flora section of the world encyclopedia, and items based off of them have also been added: 

Additionally, we've got some epic new mods and guest artists!!! Please welcome zach, idolish7, hell, funfetti, and sourdoughie as mods; and zach, jukebox, fairixia, funfetti, hell, and lune as guest artists!


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