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WAOW welcome back everyone we've sure been inactive for a while ! This is probably the biggest mechanics update we've had in Ever, so please feel free to barrage us with any questions in the Discord, it helps us too! 

This update focuses on establishing new systems that we can further expand upon in future content updates! New features such as Gardening, Classes, Skills, and the updated Awards function will have a buncha new items and types sprinkled into our enclosure as we get used to navigating them.

As for upcoming events, the Fools' Festival event (originally meant to be in April) will be held in May instead! Look forward to some colorful eggs and clownage. 

Functional/Game Updates
  • A number of preexisting weapons, accessories, and consumables have been made craftable for player enrichment.
    • The chances of finding weapons and accessories while exploring have been removed, with the exception of Charms.
    • The Stoke the Forge and Cooking by the Book prompts have been updated with these new recipes.
      • If you have previously completed these prompts, feel free to resubmit them without any art attached to get the new resippys!
  • An additional type of trait has been added to make classifcation of Plushpets easier: Body Type. Every currently existing plushpet should have had their corresponding traits manually applied by staff; if yours is missing a Body Type trait, please let us know.
  • New items and recipes (unrelated to new features) have been added.
  • Levels and EXP gains have been adjusted. 
    • For anyone wishing to reallocate their character's stats at any time, a utility prompt has been created. The new EXP and stat point gains can also be viewed in this prompts description.
  • Gardening exists now! A number of items relating to the gardening function have been added to the game, and can be purchased from the General Store!
  • Prompts have been tidied up a bit and condensed. 
    • Missions have been renamed to Bounties. All "rerun mission" prompts have been consolidated into a single hand-in prompt. All encounterable creatures and their stats can now be found in the Fauna section of the world encyclopedia. Monthly cycling missions return as their own separate prompt hand-in prompt.
    • Advancement prompts and Starter prompts have been consolidated into one type, named Development Prompts.
    • Requests have been consolidated into three different hand-in prompts, one for each type of request: Delivery, Handiwork, and Search. 
  • Cycling prompts (Requests and Bounties) have had their descriptions moved to a separate page, the Quest Board.  This change is so we don't have to make a new 6 prompts every month and unecessarily clog the prompt list, both admin and user side. 
  • Item prices, prompt rewards, and reselling prices have been rebalanced to accomodate new methods of item acquisition.
  • You now can change your character's Home (viewable from their character page) using the New Game+ prompt. Characters will also have their home locations set when handing in an ARPG application. Character's locations affect what kinds of Drops players can collect from them. Future prompts that require characters from certain locations are now possible!
    • 🚧Note: In the past before this feature was put to functional use, users have been able to freely set their character's location at any time.  All characters that have submitted an ARPG application should have their correct locations and drops set. Characters that have not submitted an ARPG application do not, even if they have a Home set on their profile.
  • Drops are back and repurposed with the above location function, characters will now collect Essence from their respective realms. Essence can be used in crafting recipes to make realm-themed items and (future) pets!
  • Subtypes have been repurposed to make the above location functions work; the subtypes "Arpg Playable" and "Poppet" have been removed.
  • The "ARPG Playable" subtype has been functionally replaced with the Class system. In order for characters to use equipment, they must have at least the Novice class (awarded to any characters that have completed the application hand-in prompt).
  • Character Skills system has been introduced to replace the Talents traits. Skills are awardable by prompts and claims, and can be viewed at the bottom of a character's page. Prompts can now require that characters have learned certain skills to complete them. 
    • The Talent Show prompt has been currently taken down for maintenance, specialized prompts for each talent will replace it!
  • Characters can now be featured on users' profile page. Only one character may be featured at a time, so get ready to start playing favorites!
  • Awards can now be held by characters. In addition, awards now have the capability to be featured on character and user pages akin to the featured character function! (This feature is not yet in use with any current awards) (Cool badges will be coming soon that use this feature) 
  • Character Folders have been added for oragnization and can viewed on your public character list! Folders can be created and edited from your My Characters page. 

Cosmetic Only
  • The World Encyclopedia landing page has received a facelift.
  • New Site Themes are available from the settings page! Dipping our toes in right now so they mostly just change the banner or background image.
  • The Plushpet Lore Guide under the Library tab has been updated. 
  • ARPG Applications templates have been updated and players can now choose from a selection (available in the Official Art tab of the gallery).
  • All flower-based accesory items have been renamed to Corsages, which can be obtained by using their plain flower counterparts in the inventory.
  • Character's belongings (backpack, pets, equipment) have been moved to their own tab on the character page.
  • The admin account's username has changed from Basketworm to Admin
  • All items have been given their rarities back.
  • Crafting recipes now have images so you can see what you're making. 
  • Every Item On The Site Has Been Given Shiny And Edible New Art 
  • Dragonfruit Fists have been renamed to Pitaya Punchers.
  • Dragonfruit have had their other half glued back on in site art.
  • Milk items have been moved into cartons instead of bottles for easier compostability.
  • Inventory related pages (regular items, weapons, gear, and pets) have been consolidated under a single tab in the Home sidebar.

Near Future
  • Character Backgrounds: installed and ready to go we just need to make the actual art for them _(:3」∠)
  • Class Quests/Questlines: yeah you can be a wizard........but what if you could study the blade and become a super wizard
  • Specific Skills Quests/Questlines: yeah you can know telekinesis.......but what if you could study the blade and know [insert one of the 500 different specialized kinesis abilities] 
  • Status Effects: installed and ready to go we just need to figure out how to implement them _(:3」∠)
  • Pet Variants: change your beloved pets into neat new variants using a special item!
  • Character Guilds/Groups/Teams: still trying to figure out a good and cute name for them but user made and ran guilds basically


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