Using MYO Tickets

MYO Tickets are upgrade items that can be purchased at the Ticket Booth!

These tickets can be used to claim a MYO Slot, which can then be submitted into a full-fledged character.


○ To turn your ticket into a slot, simply click on it in  your inventory and hit Use!


○ To submit your MYO Slot for review:

MYO Slots are treated as their own characters, and can be viewed by clicking the My MYO Slots tab under Home! From the MYO's page, click submit MYO design under Settings on the sidebar. Hit Create Request on the resulting page to bring up the slot editor. This is where you can upload their masterlist image and add their traits if they haven't already been specified! Trait upgrade ticktes can also be attached in the Add-ons section.

For reference, please do not attach any talents or change the subtype on freshly made MYOs, as these are earned using prompts!

Once you're satisfied with everything, you can Submit Request and it'll be sent to the moderator team for review. Upon approval, the new character will appear in your character list and on the official masterlist!