Emplanths are a species of flowers that grow in all realms, though tend to grow more commonly in the Strange Realm. The plants and its fruits, leaves and sap can cause a strong emotion if consumed raw, the type of emotion depending on the variation of plant. Overconsumuption of any of these may cause the user to permanently be stuck feeling only a single emotion. It's not advised to experience strong emotions around the plants as well, as, while usually dormant, these emotions will cause the plant to wake up and potentially attack. Despite these, it can be useful for ingredients for cooking recipes (potions?), as they do benefit plushpets when consued in small doses!

Discovery Prompt winner, designed by idolish7!

Locations Found In

Realms: Divine Realm, Strange Realm, and Familiar Realm

Associated Items:

Consumables: Bright Berry, Lovely Berry, Gloomy Berry, and Tantrum Berry

Tools: Emplanth Seeds