LunabloomLunanis Apertus


If you see a long, curved stem, crescent leaves, and shiny, pale petals outstretched into the night of the familiar realm, you've found yourself a lunabloom. Although they grow rather quickly, lunablooms only bloom at nighttime, which makes harvesting (or even appreciating) it a little bit difficult. Despite this, many are willing to stay up and go out at night to see the beautiful blooms, or harvest its seeds. A few have noticed that the ratio of pale seeds to dark seeds seems to vary based on what day it was planted, with the most familiar crescent shape being one of several patterns of seeds. However, it's much more widely known that while the dark seeds are just tasty, the pale seeds have some additional healing properties and a subtle, sweet taste to them. Even if waiting for night might be a little trouble, many agree that it's worth the wait!

Discovery Prompt winner, designed by Quail!

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Realms: Divine Realm

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Materials: Lunabloom

Tools: Lunabloom Seeds