New Year Updates!

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WAOW WAOW its been a while since our last update! In the time since then we've added a number of new updates, including an update of the site's framework! As it's still fresh out of the oven, bugs are expected. If you encounter something funky, you can submit a bug report or hop in the discord to let us know! 

new features!
  • Galleries: You can now submit art to an on-site gallery and earn Eternity Seeds in the meantime! You can even submit art that you've made for past prompts, although you can't double up on rewards unfortunately.

  • Adoption Center: An adoption center has opened up! If you're no longer feeling attached to your Plushpet and want some Seeds, you can surrender them here. Once in the center, Plushpets can be bought by other players for the price you assign to them! 

  • Daily Findings: As new features for the site's Lorekeeper framework are released, we're slowly working towards making features of the site automated for a better player experience! One of the fun new additions is Character Drops, which are items or currency that players can collect from characters over a set period of time.  For us, this means you can now collect an item called Findings from your Plushpets once per day! Findings are a randomized amount of eternity seeds, so this is a good way to slowly build up your seeds if you don't have time for prompts and other activities. 

  • Sales Feed: We have a shiny new sales feed too now! It's like the news feed, but for adopts, giveaways, and other related things. 

  • New Items: A pack of new items and recipes have been added to the game! They'll be rolled out to various Explorations, Prompts, and Shops in the coming days. 

  • PoppetsAnother new feature aimed towards FTO's is Poppets! These are essentially a more limited version of MYO slots that use predetermined colors and certain traits. 
Site updates!
  • MYO Tickets can now be used in your inventory and will automatically generate a MYO slot of their rarity upon use!

  • Players can now set up Relationships between their characters and other characters! This functions similar to the Links feature on Toyhouse.
  • The World Encyclopedia page has been expanded to include different pages for Fauna, Flora, Important Figures, and Events! This is still empty as of now, but it's there and ready to be used!!

  • You can now set your Plushpet's home in their profile! You can pick from any realm or any subarea within them. This doesn't have any game impacts as of now, it's just a fun flavor thing!

  • Sub-masterlists are now a thing, they appear as separate links on players profiles page and on the masterlist page. As of now this is only used for Poppets, but it opens up some new organization options!

  • Advent Calendars are also now programmed into the site, so we're ready to roll out some fun stuff for future events.

  • You can probably already tell from the giant space it takes up on profiles, but pets are coming soon too! 

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