June Newsletter

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  • Pets are here! They don't have any functionality yet beyond collecting and equipping them to your Plushpets, but in the future we plan to introduce prompts to do with your little guys!
    • As pets function on the same extension as weapons and gear, they cannot be sold from the inventory. A new utility prompt has been added to exchange pets you no longer need!
  • New awards dropped! A set of merit badges based on fishing, plushpet hoarding, and talents have been released!
  • Page-Messing-Around-With! The ARPG Encyclopedia and Prompt Index pages have been retouched to make them easier to navigate! A dedicated fishing page is also coming.
  • Slight change to HP system in missions! In order for a character to both receive experience and count towards defeating a mission, it must not lose all its HP during the course of the battle. In more basic terms, the monster attacks first now! If a character can't survive an attack with their stats and equipment, they will be treated as if they had not participated in the prompt. 
    • Future damage dealt by mission monsters (including June's) will be rescaled accordingly.
  • Requests are now called Occasions! Nothing else has changed.
Bug fixes
  • Character's stats can now actually go to 0! The current amount of HP now always displays. A bug where "0" and "Full" HP would not display at all has been fixed.

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