April Newsletter

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  • Equipement System Overhaul! New mechanics for equipping accessories and weapons has been made for lorekeeper, which we are trying out here on Plushpet Plaza! Since it's a newer in-alpha extension, there's been and will be a few bugs around the site. 
    • All equipment now directly affects a characters stats as soon as it's equipped!
    • Accessories have been renamed to gear, and both them and weapons are now in a separate category from normal items.
    • All currently existing equipment have been converted into vouchers, which can be used to get the working stat-affecting items by "opening" them!
    • Usable versions of equipment cannot currently be sold or bought, so those wishing to convert usable versions of their equipment can use claims to ask staff too do so.
  • Stat System Overhaul! To make stats more broad and applicable to more than just mission battling scenarios, they've been renamed and reformatted for future prompts which will use these new stats. In addition, the Level system has had changes to make it more compatible. 
    • Upon levelling up, a character now rececives an amount of Stat Points for their owner to dish out to different stats as desired!
      • Damage is now Bravery
      • Defense is now Tenacity
      • Seed Bonus is now Charm
    • The lowest amount of HP a character can have is now 1, so any characters with this amount of HP will not be able to participate in missions until their health has been restored.

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