March Newsletter

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  • Rebalancing! Accessories have had their Eternity Seed bonus reduced to prevent overstacking, while MYO an Trait Change tickets prices have been scaled to better reflect their rarities.
    • Characters with these items currently equipped will still receive the old bonus amounts for any past mission prompts that currently await processing.
  • Monthly Raffle! Anyone can participate, all you need is a site account so you can comment!
  • Special Item Implemention! Available from the Prize Booth! Make sure to read their info page for more information.
  • Fishing Almost! Still coming soon, but now you can read about the three unique fishing venues in their prompt descriptions! 
  • Inventory Display! This was added pretty soon after the last changelog so you may have gotten familiar with it already, but now your character's belongings are displayed in a little space on their profile!



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