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Site Opening!

Posted 3 years ago :: Last edited 3 years ago by admin

Greetings to new players, and a big welcome back to any returning friends! By GOD have we been on a hiatus, but we have a whole website now!! Holy moly!!! Everything might look a bit barebones at the moment, but we've got a bunch planned for the upcoming months! For now just kick back, get used to the site, and stay tuned for further updates!


 The Plushpet Plaza site is officially open! We're currently in what the kids may call "beta", so keep in mind that things may change as we get feedback to make the game more balanced! (Also, don't forget to pick up your welcome gift!)

 To get started, try completing a prompt for rewards! If you haven't already, consider filling out an ARPG application for your characters. This lets them participate in special missions with other plushpets! Don't have a character? Check out the currently open adopts!

 Not sure where to go or have questions? Check out the site guides page or get a hold of us on discord! You can also note the Deviantart group, but response times may be slower there.