Adventurer's Guild

Mynah commands the Plushpet Adventurer's Guild, a group dedicated to protecting peace with members scattered across all three realms!
The Guild goes on monthly excursions (missions) in response to reports from troubled citizens, locating and subduing these dangerous creatures before they can cause havoc on civilians. Each character has four stats: Health Points, Tenacity (Defense), Bravery (Attack), and Charm (Eternity Seed Bonus).


How it works

  • Each month, unruly creatures are chosen for the Adventurer's Guild to go after. Each enemy has a set number of HP, and each participating player deals a one-time amount of damage according to their equipment. Players attack by drawing their character(s) taking on the month's enemy! The enemy also deals its own one-time damage, which is listed in the creature's stats.

  • When processing missions, we take into account the Enemy's attack first. This means that if your character does not have the HP and Tenacity to withstand the one-time damage it deals, that character will no longer be counted as a participant in the mission.

  • Players can send up to 5 characters on one mission. Strength in numbers!

  • However, you cannot send the same character on more than one mission at a time. Spread out your troops!

  • In order to ensure your character deals enough damage while also protecting their own HP, players should equip their characters with Accessories and Weapons! One character can hold 1 weapon and up to 3 accessories.

  • If enough characters participate and deal enough damage to deplete the enemy's HP, they win! Everyone who participated gets a good reward, and depending on the difficulty of the enemy, a groupwide reward may be unlocked!

  • If the enemy still has HP left by the end of the month, the guild loses and the enemy escapes. Everyone who participated still gets a consolation reward.

In order to participate, you must have submitted an ARPG application for your plushpet!