Beginner's Guide


Not sure where to go from here? No worries! Here's a number of things you can do to get started with the Plushpet ARPG!

step 1: acquire Plushpet

As ARPGs are centered around character development, you need at least one character to participate! There are a couple ways of obtaining your first Plushpet:

  • Purchasing Adopts: The Back Bone (tm) of most species ARPG communities! Adopts can be purchased from our team of talented guest artists, and the most recent sales can be viewed under the news tab!
  • Using MYO (make your own) Tickets: MYO tickets can be purchased using ingame currency. For more info on how to earn them, read below!
  • Participating in Raffles/FTO Events: Occasionally special events will bring with them raffles and FTO (first time owner) giveaways for people to participate in. These will also be mentioned in the news/sales tab.
earning eternity seeds

First and foremost, it's a good idea to familarize yourself with the ARPG's currency, Eternity Seeds! These little seeds are highly valued among Plushpet community, and can be used to purchase Equipment, Food, Upgrade Items, and a whole bunch of other stuff! They can be earned in a number of ways, including:

  • Completing prompts! There are a special set of prompts intended for new players that have their own plushpets here. Some prompts (Misc Prompts) can also be completed using NPCs if you do not own your own plushpet.
  • Submitting art to the Galleries! You can submit your general art or writing that doesn't fit any of the prompts to also earn eternity seeds!
  • Selling excess items! Once you've started doing prompts and exploring, you'll find a bunch of items across the Three Realms. If you ever feel like your pockets are getting too heavy, you can sell unwanted items straight from your inventory! 
  • Checking in daily! You can Explore four times per day even if you don't have a plushpet! Exploring is an easy way to find items to craft, sell, or collect!
Spending Eternity seeds

Now that you've got some, what do you do with them? Eternity Seeds can be spent at any of the Shops in the market, namely:

  • Atlas ArmoryHere you can purchase equipment and weapons to make your Plushpet stronger, letting you take on tougher enemies to earn better rewards!
  • General StoreThis is where you can stock up on food and miscellaneous crafting materials. If your Plushpet has taken a rough hit in battle, a little snack or two will fix them right up!
  • Prize BoothLooking for more meta items, like MYO tickets and Trait Upgrades? You can get it all here! If you save up enough seeds, you can even buy items that allow you to add your own custom items and monsters to the game.
  • Adoption Center: Occasionally, plushpets will even be available for purchase using Eternity Seeds in the Adoption Center! 
Other activites
  • Collect Plushpets and develop their stories! As this is an ARPG, a big factor of it is your characters and the art you create with them! 
  • Collecting badges and stamps: After completing a prompt, you'll be able to collect it's unique stamp to add to your collection! Other achievements can also earn you a special badge for your case as well.
  • Crafting and Cooking: Combine items to make new cooler items!
  • Fishing and Gardening: Collect bounties from both land and sea! 
  • Monthly Raffles: Each month (usually) a plushpet is created and raffled off to one lucky winner! You can check out the current available raffle in the Sales tab.
  • More features are in the works, keep an eye out for it in the near future!